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Mobile Money International Sdn Bhd was established in February 2005 with paid up capital RM25 million.

Mobile Money focuses on innovative mobile centric payment systems under the supervision of Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia) and is permitted to operate:

- E-wallet on May 2006 pursuant to Section 25(1) of the Payment
  System Act 2003,
- Remittance Service via e-money pursuant to Section 10 of the
  Exchange Control Act 1953,

Mobile Money provides a fully integrated system for users to make payment and transfer money in a very simple and convenient way. We provide the following systems and services:

- Mobile Centric Payment System
- Virtual Banking System
- Instant Mobile Remittance
- Mobile Parking
- PAYPIN (Including eCek ) Services
- Loyalty Program
- Food Subsidy System
- Online Marketing Tool with Anyone Can Pay Feature
- Call to Park Service via e-money

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